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At Score I work as a Full Stack Engineer and I follow the principle, “If you do something, then do it right”. Programming is my hobby which I came across quite by accident and I love it. In programming, I currently use PHP, JS and PHPStorm as my tools. My favorites are Laravel, Symfony and Vue.js. What I like the most out programming is that every day you do something new and that means new problems to be solved. Each new day brings new challenges. In the future, I'd like to come back to developing games in Unity with C #.


My private interests are geopolitics, history and military aviation. I love to travel, doesn’t matter what distance or whether it’s hiking in the mountains or cycling. I like to read books in the evening. I highly recommend the book "Star Carrier" by Ian Douglas. This book deals with philosophical and existential themes as they arise with the development of technology. I love Classic Rock and gothic music. I can't imagine my life without bands like Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Guns' N Roses, or Metallica.

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February 27, 2022

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