Transforming powerful ideas into success stories

We desire to become legendary by designing and building disruptive digital innovation. Seasoned software engineers, coders, and architects with expertise across hundreds of technologies.

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Full-service software development agency

We will design and build your product using battle-tested solutions and ship it to the market in an agile way.

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What we're best at

Strategy & ideation

We collect information from both your internal and external environments and integrate it with feedback from all stakeholders to support ideation, validation and decision-making processes.

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Creative branding

Driven by our holistic approach, we work together to design a complete branding solution from naming, logo design, to communication and style guides, creating a cohesive experience across all mediums and touchpoints.

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Experience design

We collect information from both your internal and external environments. The products we build, are designed with people in mind. They are intuitive and allow users to reach monumental achievements by using the principles and conditions of the psychology of flow.

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Software development

We design, build and ship secure and high-quality software. Our team architects it for scale, using battle-tested software solutions, high levels of automation and machine learning-technologies.

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What others say about us

Score builds and ships digital products that are designed for global scale. They also provide end-to-end digital product development services for highly demanding customers. We support them from day one, helping with all QA related matters – starting from recruitment, through strategy and processes to test automation.

Dariusz Drezno

It has been a pleasure working with Score. We're looking forward to a long-term relationship with the team. They are definitely the team to work with if you want to keep up to high standards. The professional workflows they stick to result in exceptional quality...

Adam Oliver
CEO of Firm Prospects

Their deep understanding of the IT market, especially cloud native computing solutions, their critical thinking and problem solving abilities were guiding our team in the quest for creating our strategy. Score has challenged our ideas in the search for product placement, they helped us understand the competitive landscape and define our competitive advantages.

Piotr Róg
CEO of JLUPIN Software Studio

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