Products built in Kraków, shipped and use all over the world

We support market challengers & disruptors on their way to transforming powerful ideas into digital success.

“Once a task has begun, never leave it till it’s done.
Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.”

Quincy Jones

A proven recipe for success

We deliver exceptional results and have fun at the same time

• We push to deliver excellent results
• We love what we do
• If we choose a project, it means we’ll turn it into a success story and go far
• We set ourselves up for success by preparing well, having the right skills and a healthy dose of dry humor  
• We celebrate our milestones and our successes

We embrace craziness  and we’re mentally hilarious

• We don’t shy away from short deadlines 
• We are hungry for technologically challenging projects 
• We want to be challenged by our clients 
• Whatever happens, we will find a way 
• If everybody else says it's impossible, call us, we’ll make it happen 

We " do  care" by actually supporting one another

• We value relationships above all - we have respect for each other  
• Helping others defines our success 
• Caring for each other allows us to achieve any goal we want  
• Quality over profit 
• As a company we have a responsibility to society 

No bullshit and get things done without blah-blah

• We say what we think and we do what we say 
• There is no beating around the bush, just act 
• We are not afraid to say no 
• We don’t compromise on our guiding principles 
• We don’t make excuses, and we’re not afraid to apologize 

Let’s grow together  and become legendary

• We utilize the power of networks  
• We want to build long-term relationships  
• We treat everybody as a partner  
• We are driven not by short-term wins but long-term results  
• We learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experience 

The Team

D.J. (Daniel) Hekman


I'm an experienced IT professional with a demonstrated history of working in the IT industry. I love moving between worlds and bringing them together by introducing fresh ideas to blend perspectives. I enjoy telling inspiring stories about new-to-the world products and services. At Score, I ensure that our operations run smoothly and that we all operate productively and efficient. Those who work with me, know that I always go the extra mile taking care of all the details and people.

Olaf Leśniak


I’m the CCO and one of the co-founders. I thrive on connections with products, organisations, but most importantly – people. There’s nothing that satisfies me more than connecting two people, that can mutually help each other in business and personally. I’m a typical humanist. I enjoy modern art, good literature, and theater. Art relaxes and inspires me but it’s incredible energy also charges my batteries. While I’m a total arts junkie, on the other hand, I very much enjoy constructive disputes on various topics – ranging from literature through politics and worldviews.

Weronika Szałkowska


During my career, I had the opportunity to work as a Manager, Recruiter, HRBP, and a Scrum Master. Working in several positions has given me the chance to look at and work with people on many levels and from different perspectives. Each one has proved that it's a challenge that comes with great satisfaction. I am passionate about everything related to human nature – psychology, cognitive science, psychophysiology, coaching – you name it. I believe that creating an environment that supports people in being honest about their feelings and thoughts is one of the most important things that you can do as a Manager.

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