We structure and execute processes that are optimized to adapt to changes quickly and smoothly. We start with breaking down the business requirements into a release plan after which we setup different development environments and select the correct tech-stack to deliver your product in agile fashion.


Detailed backlog

Groomed, prioritized, and in-detail estimated user stories

Prepared infrastructure

Development-, QA-, Pre-prod and Production environments & CI/CD pipelines

Application in production

Executed automation tests, security tests and load tests & admin setup


Higher customer satisfaction

Users can see the real look and feel of the final product sooner

Faster ROI

The product will be in the hands of the customer sooner

Completing complex projects

The guidelines and principles of Scrum can be used for projects of any size

Core activities

Release plan

We translate the product’s roadmap into an actionable plan based on specific features, enhancements, and fixes to build.

DevOps & CI/CD setup

The process of setting up the supporting infrastructure and building CI/CD pipelines allowing for continuous integration, delivery and deployment.

Tech-stack implementation

Tech-stack implementation is the process of selecting and applying all the technology services that will be used to build and run the application.

Scrum delivery process

We use Scrum as an Agile framework for managing the process. It enables us to develop, deliver and sustain complex products.

Go live!

The moment, as defined in the ‘go-live readiness plan’, when we move your final product from the test environment to the production environment.

The primary focus is on the rapid delivery of business value – ‘bang for your buck'

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What's next?

Once we deliver the final product, we can make the transition to the Evolve phase.