Things get real after we ship your product to production. That’s when we shift our focus to learning about your users and how they interact with the product. This phase is driven by customized maintenance services and the continuous analyses of in-depth user insights and generated statistical and numerical user data.


Tailored maintenance plan

Customized maintenance services adapted to technical and business environment changes

Qualitative & quantitative user data

Individual in-depth insights and statistical and numerical data

Feature roadmap

Tracks the development and releases of a product’s key features


Preventing software outages

Prevent critical problems before they happen via proactive monitoring

Peace of mind

Consulting, design, development & maintenance, all in one partner

Buy-in from customers

Customer are aligned, empathy from customers and decisions are validated

Core activities

Continuous health monitoring

The process of providing continuous real-time monitoring of the performance of the software and supporting infrastructure to pro-actively detect potential problems.

Technical support & maintenance

The process of fixing software bugs, adding features and triaging low priority bugs that don’t deteriorate the software design and user experience.

Disaster recovery planning

The process that leads to a formal document on how to respond to unplanned incidents such as natural disaster, cyber-attacks and other disruptive events.

Feature roadmap implementation

The implementation of a roadmap that shows the timeline for when new features will be delivered, communicating the details of what is coming and when to customers.

UX qualitative and quantitative research

Collection of in-depth understanding or individual users and statistical/numerical data to draw generalized conclusions about users’ attitudes and behaviors.

When we think we know it all, we should continuously keep learning about users’ needs

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