The first step in our battle-tested process is to deeply analyze and understand the problem that you want to solve and the solution that you want to offer the customer. This enables us to structure the product creation process best suited to your internal and external environment.


Value assessment report

Recommendations for the optimal product design strategy

Project Colaboration model

Methods, processes, roles, responsibilities & milestones

Knowledge repository

Methods, processes, roles, responsibilities & milestones


Build trust

Frequent communication, collaboration and in-depth discussions establish mutual trust

Shared product vision

Our product team internalizes your culture and vision and helps sharpen product-market fit

Solid planning

Synchronized expectations on project duration, staffing, budgeting and risk

Core activities

Value proposition assessment

Describes the problem, why we want to solve it and what value our solution will bring to the market.

Bussines model canvas

The business model canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models.

Target group validation

Provides research data to help profile the target groups that we want to focus on.

Project management model

Defines the process we will use to design your product, how we will work together and describes the important milestones.

Domain knowledge research

Gathers activities about your market that will enable the product team to cooperate very effectively.

Jointly assessing the true value of your proposition is fundamental

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What's next?

Following this first stage of the process,  the next phase is Discover