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My journey with programming started before high school when my older brother showed me how to create base apps in C++. I was a big fan of computer games so of course, I had to see how it’s done. I created a few small games for fun but also, I tried creating websites. That's how it all started. I finished technical university and I started work as a back-end developer. Currently, at Score, I work as a Full Stack developer. I can prepare a REST API but also create a web application. Everyone knows how important a clean and transparent repository is to me, as is the code. I help prepare the processes of developing and implementing apps from the technical side.


I love spending my free time actively - I love every sport but my favorite is football. If someone invites me to a game in the middle of the night, I will definitely come. I play in an amateur league but every match is taken very seriously. When I have a some more free time I try to go to the mountains. Travelling? Usually small and low-budget trips- in a tent or shelter, that’s what I enjoy. My work is also my passion, so in my free time I like learning and reading up on new technologies. I love old computer games and tracking small indie games is something I like to do. Beside that I try new things all the time.

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