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I am Paulina and I am the Office Manager at Score. I didn’t choose this job by accident. What may to others be a pain in the neck, nuisance task, to me it’s a piece of cake and very enjoyable. I love paperwork, being organized and having a plan. I’m eager to support Score Digital’s co-founders in running their business, relieving them from tasks that make it difficult to focus in depth on their projects. I studied to become a journalist, specialising in public relations. I worked in the profession for some time, but all my activities were combined with administrative work. I decided to use my acquired experience and transform it into a job as an Office Manager


Privately I am the owner of a greyhound named Hunter, with whom I love to travel and explore new places. I take any moment I have to run with my headphones, enjoying good music. I also started running social media of several brands as a hobby, which turned into additional job over time. I am not afraid of new challenges, and I am always eager to discover new things. I can fit into any adjust to any environment very quickly, which means that I always find someone to chat with and gain new friends quickly with which whom I would love to grab a coffee, but I've not got enough time to do so.

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