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During my career, I had the opportunity to work as a Manager, Recruiter, HRBP, and a Scrum Master. Working in several positions has given me the chance to look at and work with people on many levels and from different perspectives. Each one has proved that it's a challenge that comes with great satisfaction. I am passionate about everything related to human nature – psychology, cognitive science, psychophysiology, coaching – you name it. I believe that creating an environment that supports people in being honest about their feelings and thoughts is one of the most important things that you can do as a Manager.


Spending time around other people gives me a lot of energy but sometimes I need time only for myself. This is why after work I love to cook, practice yoga, watch movies and read books. Exploring new recipes provides me with the opportunity to be creative and to find new, bold flavours. Yoga is a perfect combination for taking care both for my body and my mind. Movies and books keep me inspired and encourage reflection.

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Performance coaching in IT. If you want to enter the IT industry you need to know that in the majority of jobs available, you can count on two things; good employment conditions and you will never stop learning.